DIY Tiki Torch Storage

DIY Tiki Torch Storage via This, That and Life

I don’t know why today’s post seems so funny to me, but maybe it’s just one of those realities of life and I am SUPER excited about it!  We happen to own several tiki torches and consequently had a serious problem with them being shoved haphazardly in a corner of our itty bitty garage that needs to […]

Living Room Progress


It’s been a busy week around here with the hubby working his firefighter shifts and taking a class, so I’ve been busy being mom to the nth degree and holding down the fort.  I’ve slowly been implementing changes around the living room since my last post where I shared “the plan” with you.  Well, if […]

French Coastal Hutch

French Coastal Hutch Close Up Top With Watermark

Are you interested in learning how to refinish furniture and gain the confidence to create YOUR own masterpiece?  I’m here to help!  To learn more about this project in the works to help you, CLICK HERE and find me on Periscope at @coastalcollectiveco!    Happy 2013 everyone!!! Are you just as excited for 2013 as I am??? […]

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