30 Day Positive Action Challenge – Let’s DO THIS!

This That and Life 30 Day April Challenge

We can do hard things. You can. I can. WE ALL CAN.  But what does it take to motivate us to go through with the process of actually doing them??? <<<< Raise your hand if you completely relate to that struggle right there!   Well, I recently put a post out on Facebook talking about health goals mentioning […]

30 Day Holiday Challenge

30 Day Holiday Challenge

  Happy December everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! My husband was working at the fire station this Thanksgiving, so things were pretty different, but it was a great time visiting him and spending the weekend decorating for Christmas. More on that another post. Being the 2nd of December, I thought I […]

Beach House Vacation and NEW Health Instagram Account

Bubba Sleeping at the beach house

Happy Friday everyone! Sorry {not sorry} I was away for awhile. We had an extended family vacation and although I tried to stay in touch with you all since my last post, it was just a time that I needed to be unplugged for the most part and focus on family. I know you all […]

One of my Fave Flash Sale Sites and Modern Beachy Decor

Shirvan Rug {This, That and Life}

Have you heard of some of those great flash sale sites out there? One of the top home and life sites is One Kings Lane. I love a lot of the items they offer and they have a great range in styles and price.       I browse their sales almost every day and […]

Welcome Joy Jenkins and a GIVEAWAY

Advocare Giveaway with Joy Jenkins {This, That and Life}

  Happy Friday everyone!!! I’m SO happy today because it is the FIRST day of our summer break! YAY!!!! Last night I let the kids stay up waaaaaaayyyyyy past their bedtime, watch movies {yes, that’s plural}, and munch on raspberries, blueberries and chocolate. It was our own little family bliss!  We had such a great last day […]

A Little of This, A Little of That

Hello everyone and welcome to my next guest for A Little of This, A Little of That: Jennifer of Blissfully Ever After! I connected with Jennifer last year and completely fell in love with her blog. I love her style, her passions, and creativity!  Some posts I know you’d love to check out are her […]

A Little of This, A Little of That

Tone It Up Love Your Body Logo

For awhile now, I have been contemplating how to share {in a meaningful way} many of the other bloggers that I follow in this big ol’ blogosphere.  There are SO many great minds out there sharing their wealth of knowledge, creativity, and encouragement that I can’t possibly keep that to myself. But, it’s super hard. […]

Thrive In Five ~ 2013


Over the holidays, I took a bit of time to reevaluate life in general. My family, our habits, our goals, frustrations, passions, and so on. It’s always a great time to stop and think about how to be intentional about life, not just on auto-pilot or letting things be a distraction ~ even good things! This […]

quick tip motivation for workouts

Lebert Equalizer Bars

Awhile back I saw this awesome idea through Beachbody’s Facebook page, and not only had to give it a go for myself, but of course pass along the awesome idea.   When it comes to working out, there was a time when our kiddos were babies (they are  now 7, 5, and 3) and having […]

25 random things ~ the new HEALTH tab

Heath-_-fitness-products Picture

When I was working with Kimberly of My Whole Heart Design on a new look and direction for the blog, I was a little nervous….nervous about adding this whole new element – the HEALTH tab. I wondered if it would just be too weird that a furniture refinishing, diy-ing, interior design loving person would make any […]

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