Thrift Store Secretary Desk – To Paint or Leave As-Is?

Thrift Store Treasure: This, That and Life

It’s really true. You never know what your thrift store will bring you. Some places it’s a rare gem and other places it’s a daily find, and only if you’re fast.  I recently popped into our local Goodwill to check out what was in the store. To my wonderful surprise, I found this beauty of […]

Quick Tips for Staining Furniture

Hi everyone! I quickly wanted to answer one of your recent questions on staining furniture in this quick 1-take video below. Be nice! lol  I admit I’m a bit frustrated by the voice to video match up (at least on my end), but decided to go with it so you can get the quick info. […]

Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Light Pink Pixie Dust Bracelet by The Shine Porject

Hello and Happy EARLY Valentine’s Day!!! It’s officially February and love is in the air! Now before I get too far, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your input on the dresses from last week. I seriously value your opinion and can’t wait to reveal which dress I’ve chosen!  Ok…, I’m not usually […]

Rent the Runway and Upcoming Firefighter Ball

Rent The Runway Ball Gowns

I recently received an invitation to a Firefighter’s Ball for our county and as soon as I could, I asked my husband, “Sooooooooo…….exactly how formal is this so-called ball supposed to be???” To which he replied, “Class A babe….like a real ball.” Eek! I was ecstatic!!! The last time I ever got to dress up THAT fancy […]

Small Rustic Dining Table Makeover


I love this little table. For a long time it remained unfinished as a brown wood stained table and I used it as my music table next to my keyboard. It held my sound board, notebooks, etc. and I loved it! Since we no longer needed it, I decided to finally give it a little […]

Hallway Update with Striped Walls

Rope Mirror on Stripes This, That and Life

I feel a little strange titling this with the word “update” since putting stripes on a wall is definitely not anything new, and in fact, some people are soooooo over stripes that they are completely “de-striping” their entire home. I, however completely LOVE them and am so excited about adding them to our home. Ta-da!     […]

DIY Tiki Torch Storage

DIY Tiki Torch Storage via This, That and Life

I don’t know why today’s post seems so funny to me, but maybe it’s just one of those realities of life and I am SUPER excited about it!  We happen to own several tiki torches and consequently had a serious problem with them being shoved haphazardly in a corner of our itty bitty garage that needs to […]

Small Side Table Makeover

Side Table Makeover

Thank you for all of your comments and ideas from last week’s design post! The blue headboard sold over the weekend and we are starting to get some money saved up to put toward getting things FUNCTIONAL. I.can’t.wait.  For today, I have a little makeover to hopefully inspire and encourage you if you are new […]

Home Office and Guest Room Pre-Design

Office/Guest Room Concept Board

Ever since we moved last summer to our little beach house vacation rental as our full time home, we were bound and determined to keep the lower bedroom and bathroom as a guest room, nice comfy queen mattress and all.  We didn’t want to change a thing.       Well….5 months into our new […]

DIY Blue + Brass Dresser Makeover

Blue and Brass DIY Dresser

      This dresser was recently picked up by my husband at our local Goodwill for a pretty great price.  Here’s the before: The hardware is FANTASTIC! We had to add a 1 x 2 board to the bottom front, but it was otherwise in great condition. I removed all of the drawers, cleaned […]

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