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Just think small. Now smaller….


That’s what I’ve been telling myself in regards to house projects lately.  When we look at the long term scope of what we may need to do to fix up our little beach house (and yes, need is the appropriate word), we keep going to the decision of eventually tearing most of the home down and rebuilding.  This is due to unlevel floors, bowing walls, etc. from previous construction. Who knows when though?  That’s the kicker.


Because of this, I’ve found myself in this weird decorating place lately of “Why even bother?”  If we’re just going to tear it down, what’s the use?” I know – sooooo Eeyore. :-/  I’m particularly excited about today’s post because it was just the kickstart I needed to “get out of the rut” so to speak.  Last year I partnered up with an amazing group of bloggers to share some simple projects for the #inspiremeDIY challenge and I’m honored to be a part of the challenge again this year.


This year I decided to tackle something simple that I thought would make a huge impact – refinishing our laundry room cabinet.  I wasn’t going to stress out about the hand towel, soap dispenser, art on the wall, etc. Those details will come together all in good time, but for this challenge, just the cabinet itself was the focus.  We have been planning to brighten up our kitchen and paint the cabinets white (my dream!), so this was the perfect opportunity to test things out and see how we like it. What do you think?!


Laundry Room Cabinet Makeover

Here is the before. Not bad by any means at all.  We have a lot of orange tones in our home between the flooring, doors, and cabinets, and going lighter really birghtens the space.

Laundry Room Makeover

You wouldn’t see it very much in the before phase, but there were some tiny nailhead holes that needed to be filled and sanded down.

Laundry Room Makeover

Here was the simple process:

  1. Remove the cabinet doors.
  2. Lightly sand all surfaces with fine grit sand paper.
  3. Wipe sanding dust away with a wet cloth and let cabinet and doors dry.
  4. Paint 2-3 light coats of primer. (I rolled on latex primer on the cabinet and sprayed oil based primer on the doors).
  5. Paint 3-4 light coats of paint. I used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove.I used Floetrol in the mix to diminish brush strokes.
  6. Paint 3-4 light coats of sealer. I used outdoor crystal clear Varathane.
  7. Allow each layer to dry porperly before moving onto the next coat, especially when flipping the cabinet door to do the other side. Before my final clear coat, I lightly sanded everything one last time.
  8. Reinstall cabinet doors.


Laundry Room Makeover

Laundry Room Makeover

I was hoping to have this amazing hardware installed before today, but time was not in my favor.  I love working with my husband on projects and installing pulls is definitely his forte. These beauties will be waiting for him when he gets back from the fire station! #firefighterwife

Laundry Room Makeover

What do you think? Should we up the timeline on the kitchen project? I’m feeling inspired to keep moving forward!

Laundry Room Cabinet Makeover

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If you are inspired to tackle a project, share it with us using the hastag #inspiremeDIY – we’d love to see what you accomplish!


xo, Anneke

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  1. hogan710 says:

    Great job Anneke! The cabinet looks great!

  2. love it, anneke! and love the yellow against it!

  3. Looks great! Love that yellow rug too!

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