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We’re all about saving ourselves time these days. As much as I love all the technology around us, I’m super selective on what I feel is actually going to be beneficial to me and not introduce a new “time suck” to my life.  You can probably guess my excitement when I heard about the new app Pippit. I checked out some quick details on it and was immediately, like IMMEDIATELY, in love!!!  And yes, there are soooo many things to love. It incorporates an Instagram, Pinterest and Blogging feel all in one, which is really so  cool. Check it out in the App Store and come find me at @thisthatandlife on there!


NEW Pippit App! SO fun!!! Follow me at @thisthatandlife :-)


NEW Pippit App! SO fun!!! Follow me at @thisthatandlife :-)




You can learn more HERE from the awesome folks who made it, but check out just a few highlights I love right off the bat:


1. You can follow along with your favorite bloggers and their ideas will post automatically if they have it set up that way with an RSS URL.

2. Ever see a post on Instagram for a project and it’s like “Link in Profile or type in URL below”. Sooooo annoying. I know I just want a clickable link anytime I’m scrolling through someone’s feed. Pippit allows for this and it saves so much TIME!

3. You can edit AFTER you post. {Cue the hallelujah angel chorus – I’m doing the Happy Freak Out Dance! This is so awesome!!! So simple. But awesome.

4.  You can not only “like” a photo, but also specify “want” or “useful”. Little details like this are so helpful.

5. As a blogger, it’s pretty awesome to see “Analytics” within the app. Bloggers want to bring you the best, and analytics help us see what you like and don’t like based off of engagement.

6. You can refer back to “My Opinions”. There have been countless times I’m like “What was that photo I loved and where can I find that thing??”. I’ve even resorted to capturing screenshots on my phone of photos so I don’t forget. No more wasting time and precious, precious phone storage. Pippit lets me see what I’ve liked along the way.

7. You can also see the latest news from those liking your photos, commenting and following you as well as explore users and hastags among various categories.


Again, I’m hooked.  What do you think? Is it for you? If so, again you can find me on there at @thisthatandlife! See ya there!


NEW Pippit App - it's awesome!!! Join me at @thisthatandlife

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  1. I downloaded it last night. Have to set it up yet though.

  2. OK you have peeked my interest. I am going to check it out!

  3. Just signed myself up, thanks! Lots of eye candy :) I’m @tableandhearth

  4. I’m not so sure yet – I’m excited but I found it was rather lacking on the blogging side of things, I wrote about it here:

  5. Be happy when they have it for Droid!

  6. i’ll check it out!

    The CHIC Insomniac

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