Upcycled Goodwill Find


Sometimes when you’re out on a “hunt” for some thrift store awesomeness, you just have to get something even though you don’t know what it is or what in the world you’re going to do with it. That’s what today’s special find was for me.  I found this wood container (if you know what it originally was, please share!) and for under $10, it was way too cool not to get.  I think that it can be pretty multi-purpose, but for sharing with you all, I set it up as a utensil and napkin holder for a fun get together with family or friends. :-)



Goodwill Container Upcycle



I bought these label holders awhile back on Amazon and attached them to the front.

Goodwill Container Upcycle



I needed to drill small holes because the brads were not nails, but made for a thinner material like cardboard.  Then I used some gorilla glue to keep it all in place, and of course my handy dandy label machine.

Goodwill Container Upcycle




I love how they turned out although in hindsight I would probably just use a removeable chalkboard decal or similar. Then when you want to use it for other items (It think charging mobile devices would be perfect!), it’s easy peasy to change the label.

Goodwill Container Upcycle




This was a pretty simple project and I can’t wait to use it around the house!

Goodwill Container Upcycle


Have an awesome day and please share with others if you’ve enjoyed this project!



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  1. Adorable!!

  2. i love this- what a great idea!

  3. great idea!

  4. Sometimes the simple projects are the best. Love it

  5. Love it! That is so me when I shop at thrift stores. Sometimes things wander home and I have no idea what I will use them for ;)

  6. Love me a good thrift find! I just did a few projects in colaboration with Goodwill of Orange County that is on their blog. I love your imagination on how to reuse this piece!


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