Layered Dry-Brush Technique for this DIY French Hutch Makeover

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Ahhhhhh……well, deep breath here after getting back from Spring Break with the family and I feel so energized! It’s amazing what time away from all the demands and technology do for someone. Not to mention sleep.  Believe it or not, it is an actual thing although for many of the “baby” years, I thought I’d never get any decent sleep ever again. Thank God for sleep! Ok, I digress.


I’ve been so busy with the ebook and Spring Break and branching out by offering personal development mentorship (I hope you’ll check it out!) that my blogging has slowed down even though all the projects are still there and going!  I suppose I may not be posting on here five days a week, but I promise to provide quality value of some kind to you when I do post. Deal???? Deal. :-)


Ok, so today, I’m excited to share the latest TTL Furniture Makeover using one of my absolute favorite techniques: dry brushing.  This requires patience and a gentle hand to layer color over color over color, then distress, layer, etc.  It truly is an art.  I love taking my time and just enjoying the process of it all.
DIY Furniture Makeover using Dry Brush Technique: This, That and Life



So I picked up this piece at Goodwill awhile back for about $80 which is pretty average for a thrifted hutch in the Seattle and surrounding regions.






Here is the step-by-step process I went through to get this look.


  1. I cleaned the entire piece with a damp soapy washcloth, removed and vacuumned drawers, and dried it.
  2. Transfer paint into separate containers from their cans. I used Annie Sloan Duck Egg Blue and French Linen.
  3. I applied one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Duck Egg Blue (with no diluting or lightening).  Many of the areas that look distressed in the end product were the result of how the first layer of paint was applied in this step.  I rarely use complete coverage of the paint, but brush lightly over crevices and curves, which leaves a speckled sort of look to the piece as shown below.  I can never get this look with a sandblock or any sanding technique and I love it!                                                             DIY Furniture Makeover using Dry Brush Technique: This, That and Life
  4. After the first coat of Duck Egg Blue is fully dry, I used another one of my Purdy angled brushes (currently what I use) and lightly dipped the brush into some Annie Sloan French Linen (my fave color!), brushed excess paint off the ends of the brush, and started dry brushing over the entire piece. This techniques takes A LOT of dipping and wiping off of excess paint. You want very little paint on the brush as you lightly sweep paint across the first layer.  I always recommend using a practice boards for new techniques.
  5. I should note that for this piece I did not remove hardware (pulls, knobs, hinges) and painted them along with the piece.  You can tape off drawers and doors, but I find that most of the time such a little amount of paint gets on the edges and any Annie Sloan paint or any one-step paint that does end up where you don’t want it (i.e. edges and glass) can be easily wipe away with a damp cloth.
  6. So first layer Duck Egg Blue, second layer dry-brushed French Linen, now move onto applying a dry-brushed Duck Egg Blue.
  7. After that layer has dried, I lightly sanded the layers to create a smooth finish. Building the layer can create a bumpy texture, which is ok.  It’s great for when you are applying dark wax as well.  I wanted a smoother finish for this piece of furniture before applying my last layer.
  8. Last of all I applied one more VERY light dry brushed layer of French Linen.
  9. After the entire piece had dried, I distressed the edges lightly around all of the doors, drawers and curves, and some of the door framing with a sandblock.
  10. I chose to leave the interior of the hutch as is since it is in nice condition and still provides a classic look.
  11. Last of all, I applied Annie Sloan Clear Wax and let the piece cure for several days.


DIY Furniture Makeover using Dry Brush Technique: This, That and Life



DIY Furniture Makeover using Dry Brush Technique: This, That and Life



DIY Furniture Makeover using Dry Brush Technique: This, That and Life



DIY Furniture Makeover using Dry Brush Technique: This, That and Life



DIY Furniture Makeover using Dry Brush Technique: This, That and Life



DIY Furniture Makeover using Dry Brush Technique: This, That and Life




This is one of my favorite ways to refinish furniture! If you love this piece and want to learn more about how to make your OWN masterpiece, I’m currently writing an ebook just for a do-it-yourselfer like you!  You can learn more here.



If you are inspired by this furniture makeover and learned something from this post, I hope you’ll share!

It means so much to me and I do appreciate it!



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  1. so pretty!

  2. Gorgeous finish! I might have to try it on a piece myself ;) Thanks for the inspiration

  3. Looks great Anneke! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Beautiful !!!

  5. Perfect color for this stunning piece!

    • Thank you Julia ~ I love how the layering creates so much more interest and texture. It really worked well for this piece. :-)

  6. Just gorgeous!!!

  7. Looks great!!

  8. love this look and the color you chose is perfect!

    • Thanks Bethany! I’ve tried other color combos for the same technique and this by far looks the best to me. :-)

  9. Kathy Long says:

    Absolutely Beautiful! I feel inspired. I have done similaar finishes before but you added some instructions that will make a difference. thanks. PS. I LOVE your site! Thanks

  10. I just discovered your blog and its awesome!! I also re-do furniture but am not as experienced as you so I loved reading about the dry brushing technique and I can’t wait to try it!! Thanks for a great source of information and inspiration for us gals wanting a fab blog like yours!! :)

  11. Do you sand the original finish off the pieces before you start? I notice a lot of pieces come with a shinny clear finish on them. Do you just start painting over the top of it?

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