Antique Settle Bench Makeover

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Antique Settle Bench Makeover



Antique Settle Bench Makeover


Antique Settle Bench Makeover




Antique Settle Bench Makeover




Quite awhile back….actually the tailend of summer this piece was found by the side of the road by a family member, so they snatched it up and brought it my way. It has so much character and history, I couldn’t imagine why someone chucked it to the curbside! And then I got to work on it and quickly realized that as awesome as the seat was, it was damaged by larvae and bugs of some kind. Ewww, gross, and NO thank you!


Antique Settle Bench Makeover



But lucky for someone out there, my AMAZE husband took on this project and completely restructured and reinforced the seat and made this bench strong and sturdy once again…SANS bugs.

See? He’s amazing.

Antique Settle Bench Makeover

I didn’t do too much to this piece other than finish the new seat with Minwax pickling stain, so Michael gets most of the credit. Given the history of these beautiful benches, I’m still shocked that it was found by the curb {hopefully not for kids to sit on while waiting for the schoolbus or something}. But thanks to my family member for swiping it up for rescue. I’d love to keep it around our place, but it will be going to the shop!

Antique Settle Bench Makeover

Thanks again to my friends over at Shoot Fly Shoot! After going through their Photography 101 class AND getting a tripod from my amaze sister,  I am literally ECSTATIC about photography and blogging in 2014!  Thanks guys!!!

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  1. Gorgeous bench. Like you I love the character it has and high five to your hubby.
    Oh shoot (fly shoot) LOL is still on my list. Something is wrong with my camera and I need to get a new one at some point before diving into that one :(

    • I’ll pass along the high five Julia! And sorry about your camera ~ I hope a new one is in your near future. I’m having so much fun with it now! Have a great weekend girl! :-D

  2. my heart skipped a beat on this one! so gorgeous!

  3. Get out! He gets mad props! It is an awesome piece! Happy Weekend you two lovebirds! xo K

    • Haha!!! Yeah he does! I honestly would have struggled and taken 10 times longer to figure it all out. I would have conquered and all, but you know….that’s not as fun as having a drink and chatting with your man while he does what he does better than me. Happy weekend to you too! Gorgeous living room change up btw! ;-)

  4. I’m seriously in love with this bench! I can’t believe what Michael did – so much skill!

  5. Wish I could have something that wonderful delivered to me! What a lucky girl you are! Husbands are so great when helping us gals out with a bright ideas!

  6. that IS gorg-eous! & he IS Amazing! kudos

  7. Wow, this bench turned out amazing and kudos to your hubs for putting in all that work! I would love it if you linked up at The Makers!
    Have a great week!

    ~Katie @ Upcycled Treasures


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