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Sometimes I feel like I have problem…..I truly, truly care about those who are hurting and struggling, and I’m pretty sure you all do too.  I don’t think this really became much of a “problem” for me until I had children. Having kids changes everything! Soon, just about every hurting child in the world, every injustice, every tragedy that took life, health, home, and so on, every news report became so emotionally overwhelming.  It was not good.  This is the kind of emotion that becomes debilitating you know?  I found myself wanting to avoid the reality of humanity – that these things happen.  Every.single.second. Of As we approach the anniversary of Sandy Hook Elementary, I can hardly think about what happened that day without crumbling.  It took everything in me to not run up to our kid’s school and bring them home.  There is a time to mourn, which we often go in and out of in response to life’s events, but we cannot stay there and turn into a helpless bystander.
I knew something had to change in me and I became determined retain awareness of the realities of this world all while doing what I could and not giving in to fear. {2 Timothy 1:7}
2 Timothy 1:7
Power, love, and self-discipline are an amazing catalyst for positive change.  Not one person can be the answer, but one person — {you} — CAN make a difference and a community of people can team together for those in need around them.  Recently my friend shared this news article about some local churches that came together to provide a cold shelter for the homeless….the first in the city ever.  It has been colder than ever in the Seattle area compared to years past, and just that day I had been praying and hoping that the local shelters were somehow able to provide something more for the homeless. And then I read this and just about cried. People who care in action.
Some of you may also remember this post that was my 6-year-old’s idea >>>>> it led to $2000+ raised for Operation Smile. We still haven’t made it to Disneyland, but she often talks to me about the kid’s lives that were changed from those donations and how they might be doing today two years later. Yes, this definitely a proud mama moment! :-)
So, in the past, I’ve asked you as readers to recommend the outreach organizations that you would recommend so that I can share them on my Give Back page. The #1 response I get is something like this:
“Well…..I know this really great place, but it’s just in my community. It wouldn’t really matter to anyone else.”
I finally just have to scream that this is SO not true! Today I’d like to challenge you to throw that thought out the window and take a chance, because it just might make ALL the difference…..even in just one life.   I want to give you the opportunity to share these organizations that you are passionate about and are doing what they can to help others and give others a place to be involved in helping others.
I’ve created a BASIC link up that I will keep open for you to link up the websites of these outreach organizations and charities.  Can we say YAY!!! AND because I know some of you will be wondering, I totally do not mind links that help out our furry little friends too. ;-)
Here are the directions/rules to make it EASY for people to find these places:
1. You DO NOT have to be blogger. Awesome right?!  You just need to be a person {check!} wanting to make a difference
by spreading the word about these organizations.
2. This list will be sorted by Title – PLEASE begin your title with your STATE abbreviation {for US entries – i.e. WA, OR, FL}
or COUNTRY if you are located outside of the USA.
3. Please enter your title in this format: “State-city-organization”,
then follow the steps to include the link of the organization. ***If the organization DOES NOT have a website, you can enter <> but please specify NO LINK in the title. Most places have a website these days though. ;-)
4. Feel free to enter your name/blog at the end if you’d like. If someone
has a question, this is a great opportunity for them to contact you!
5. I am requiring an email when linking simply to keep the list from getting spammed, but
these emails are not being used for any other purpose.
6. Help spread the word. Even if this only has two links on it, I’ll be ok, but
I hope that it fills up with tons of recommendations.
7. Pick a new organization or two to donate to or volunteer at!
8. Let me know about your experience. :-)
That’s sounds like a lot of rules, but it’s really super easy and you can always email me with any questions. If there is not a place that you are linking up, I hope that this proves to be a great resource for you to get involved and be the difference.  I’ll leave you with this video that I saw after my good friend Cassie shared it with me.
Love you all….never forget… the good.

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  1. This is an amazing post! There is so much heartache in the world, it certainly can be overwhelming, but posts like this – the efforts that follow – make me smile. I think you can feel good about the contributions you make to those in need.

  2. fabulous heartfelt post! :) this is why i love you.

  3. Such a great idea and I tell my husband all the time that one person CAN make a difference when I try to get him involved in something. The world would be an even worse place if there wouldn’t be any people that would try to make a small difference.

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