Modern and Fresh Fall Home Tour: Our Beach House

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Well, today is the day I get to bring to you our sweet little home tour of how we bring “Fall” into our home. When Kristen and Lindsay invited me to be a part of the series, I was of course thrilled! Everyday has been filled with amazing inspiration for the season.  Did you see Kristin’s tour yesterday???  I just love her style and her home is amazing!


Modern and Fresh Fall Home Tours




Now before we begin, I just have to share a short, well…….disclaimer of sorts. If you’ve been following along here for awhile you know that we’ve been in the middle of a move {and should be done “moving” in my opinion}, but since things like this have a way of taking way, like seriously WAY, longer than they should, it has been seemingly impossible, or at least the pace of a snail, to get this house in order.  Needless to say, I shoved that quite obvious fact aside, and was like “Yes! Let’s DO this [home tour] thing!!!” {like all team rally, rahrahrah chant or something…..except I’m doing this all by myself}. The girls may like a pair of poms poms, but that’s about it.  Ok, so we have that cleared up.


On another note, I’ve personally made a mini pact with myself that I would never buy/diy items and create content on my blog for the pure sake of blog content. If I was going to do something anyway, I’d spend and share away of course, but as a home/diy/design blogger, I feel like it’s all too easy to manipulate your personal life into a blogging soap opera of things you’d never do if you never blogged. I’m just talking your personal space kind of projects here. You get me???  I truly want everything I share to be genuine, especially if it’s a literal tour of my home! That’s just me.


Ok, so picture this. It’s a beautiful sunny Saturday morning and what better thing to do than take your three eager pumpkin picking kiddos to the pumpkin patch! Daddy is a firefighter and he is on duty with the fire engine at the pumpkin patch this particular morning, so it’s the perfect opportunity to visit Daddy at work, enjoy some apple cider donuts, and pick out those big ol’ pumpkins! Yay!!!




Well folks…..that’s where the fun ends, sad to say, because my 4 year old son out of NO WHERE proceeded to puke alllllllllllll over himself! And never mind that I had JUST changed him into his last set of “back-up” clothes. Ewww…….just ew. #dreadedmommoments  You came for beauty and inspiration and I give you this. It’s coming people.  I promise.  Or you can just scroll down.  SO he ends up wearing my shirt and his previously dirty pants, I’m in my tank and coat, and I’m like, “We are getting the heck out of here NOW.”  No fun. No apple cider donuts. And no pumpkins. Ohhhh ma gosh people.  :-/


In hindsight, I am extra thankful that we were able to get a load of little pumpkins from this recent event so I had at least some pumpkins in my home, because to me, fall just has to have a pumpkin somewhere, somehow.  I was hoping for some big greenish gray ones and little white ones this year, but it didn’t work out just quite yet. We will be trying round two at the pumpkin patch VERY soon!


Ahhhhh… all drama aside, I kept telling myself that I really needed to just work with what I had on hand to somehow bring “fall” to our home.  I have to admit, doing this tour was harder for me than I wish it were.  One of the biggest reasons we moved was to simplify our life and as I found myself comparing what I would do in our “old” house versus “this” house, I realized…….”I no longer have a grand porch and entryway. I don’t have a very big mantle to decorate, I don’t even have a large family table to do a tablescape!”  I found myself getting so mad and frustrated until I felt like God reminded me, “Woah, woah, woah. You have more than enough.  You don’t “need” all of those things.  I have brought you here for a reason and you don’t need to worry yourself with those things.”  Ahhh! What a relief!  He is all I need. So I just write that today to hopefully encourage those of you out there who see and admire all the beauty and inspiration that graces the internet and maybe get frustrated with what you wish for.  What you have is enough……and He can work with that.

DIY Pallet Box with Fall Natural Decor


Fall is by far my favorite season here in the Northwest, and I definitely want our kids to have some fall traditions and memories of hot apple cider, reading books together curled up in blankets by the fireplace, and simply being together and being thankful for life.  I tend to lean toward simplicity and natural elements, so as I was hanging out at our home that is for sale {feel free to spread the word!}, I decided to grab some landscaping clippers and started cutting some branches and whatnot to bring into our home. There is such a variety of plants at this home. I clipped maple branches, weigela, varigated red twig dogwood, boxwood, kinnickinnick, privet, blueberry branches and more. And then I placed them throughout our living/kitchen/dining space.


DIY Pallet Box with Fall Decorations

I made a couple of these DIY Pallet Boxes a couple years ago and filled them with mason jars, pinecones, and clippings.


Here I managed to find one of our wreath forms {don’t ask me how!} and scrap fabric, then ripped probably 3″ wide strips and just wrapped them around the form. Then I used jute twine to wrap boxwood and kinnickinnick to the wreath form. This was a super simple and fast project. The kinnickinnick is a great alternative to boxwood {I’m in Northwest WA}.


Some people on instagram took guesses at what was in the background of this picture.


It’s actually “Finley”, our driftwood fish as name by a lovely facebook fan last year! See? What would I do without you??? I would have never come up with a more appropriate name as awesome as that!


I love this “new” throw blanket I just scored at Goodwill for about $5, and although I did attempt to find my beloved Gold Leaf Paint Pen , I didn’t do a single thing to embellish any of our little pumpkins. It’s actually silly how nuts I’m going not being able to find that pen! Lol! ;-)





Another score on that recent thrift store trip was this metal container which I found filled with a super yucky fake plant. I promptly removed the fake foliage and since we live on the beach, the container will be a great place to collect driftwood the kids find while playing or from walks as a family. It’s purpose will likely change over time, but I love it!




 Our living room space.



 I stenciled these tiles last year so when they are all out they spell “family”.











Another pallet box with my succulents from the Roots of Gratitude Grand Opening.

Master Bedroom Desk Nook

I’ve been working on other changes around the home, pulling out our sheepskin rugs is a big fall must and placing blankets pretty much everywhere.




 And last but not least, some driftwood, mums and little pumpkins for the front of the house!



I’m still going to set up our hot drinks tray, gather acorns with the kiddos on our upcoming camping trip, and set out the pumpkin spice candles. Then we’ll continue to celebrate the season together enjoying some beautiful sunsets!



I hope you’ve enjoyed our little tour today!

Fall Beach Home Tour


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  1. I love this tour and how you keep things simple but beautiful. I also liked how you won’t buy things just for your blog. Sorry to hear about your little one being sick, my 4 year old is coughing like crazy so I’m afraid we are going down that road. Love the driftwood fish, he’s perfect. I live in the middle of Missouri so the only driftwood would come from the Missouri River, not a beautiful beach.

  2. i just love it- you have the touch my friend! it’s so cozy… i could hang out in that living room all day!

  3. Everything looks lovely, Anneke! I really love bringing clippings and other natural pieces indoors, like you did here. And your new house is so warm and cozy. Your part of the country is so gorgeous – I feel like I could visit every year and never get sick of the amazing scenery.

  4. It all looks so homey! And I am dying over that fireplace! That is so beautiful!!!

  5. Julia @cuckoo4design says:

    I totally get you about not doing something just for the sake of content. I want to just write and DIY things that mean something to me. I feel 100% the same way.
    And I would pinch myself everyday if I’d live at a place like yours. It’s like straight out of a romantic movie set. Your view is just so amazing. And all you natural decor and fall decor is just the icing on the cake. Love it!

  6. It’s beauuuutiful, Anneke!! I love that you won’t do things just for blog content…I feel the same way! I only want to decorate with things I’d keep in my home anyway, which is why I’m still enjoying every piece of our fall tour today. Thanks so much for sharing your crazy cozy and inviting home! I’m SO jealous of your view!! :)

  7. Anneke your home is sooo beautiful and cozy. The whole time it’s like I could hear and smell the fire crackling in the fireplace. Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous home AND for keeping it authentic:)

  8. Your home looks beautiful! I feel your pain on having no pumpkins. My little one got sick last weekend and we still have not picked up any. I love your perspective on blogging and never doing anything you would not normally do! Taking a step back from my blog has been the best thing for me right now. I needed to not feel pressure and just gain perspective on why I am even doing what I’m doing. Thanks for sharing your heart!


  9. It looks great! I think you really nailed the “fresh” component with all those fresh leaves and branches. Lovely job!

  10. Beautiful, Anneke! Everything looks so natural and fresh. Loving your simple wreath-that looks like a million bucks!-and your new metal pot…score!

  11. simple! gorgeous! cozy! perfect!

  12. Thanks so much for sharing, Anneke and I am SO sorry about that day…can so relate. Glad the little man is back to his healthy self! I think my fave here would be the pallet boxes…love the rustic and warm feel they bring to the room and the kinnickinnick is lovely! XO

  13. Love your be achy fall touches! So organic and pretty….

  14. It’s amazing how well all your fall decor blends with your beach house. The rustic elements look really great! I don’t think you needed to do any more than you did, it’s just the perfect amount!! Looks great as usual lady! :-)

  15. decorating a beach house. how fun is that? glad I found you via a creative day. Happy Fall!


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