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Sometimes it’s really hard to think about how to celebrate your loved one on Valentine’s Day. Should you get a special gift? What should you get? Where should you go? What should you do? After years of marriage, these “special days” can easily turn into “just another night”, so leave it up to my friend Kelly to officially launch, hands down, the MOST AWESOME LINK PARTY EVER!!! {and YES, anyone can participate!}!


Recognize the guy above??? Ryan Gosling folks. Hey, I only know because that’s what they tell me.  These super funny images and captions have swept throughout Pinterest leaving many gals (and guys) laughing, rolling on the floor, and/or shaking their head. Here are a few I found via Pinterest to give you an idea.






{no source listed}



I had to share Kristin’s picture because I used her caption as a one-liner on my husband last night……..




Are you just dying?!!!! THINK OF A WHOLE LINK PARTY WITH THIS!!! :-D

So, my version went like this:

“Ahhh babe {sweet little smile}…….why don’t you  just rub my feet while I browse Pinterest and tell you about all of the things I want to do to the house???”



…….to which he swiftly did a sharp 180 degree turn, shook his head fiercely and said. “I’m running away…”

Hahaha!  {It’s still cracking me up!}

That’s for real funny though.

Love ya babe!!! This is for you.  ;-)

Without further ado….I have Hey Girl-ified my amazing man.

That’s right ladies! He’s all mine and he’s my IG Superstud.

{does that sound legal?}

He’s been there for me, taught me, shared the good and bad of life and I love, love, LOVE him!!!

If YOU want to join in on the party or get a good laugh:

  1. Head on over to Kelly’s blog to get directions if you want to share and do not have a blog and link up! Significant others, pets, and favorite foods are all fair game.  The party is open from Feb. 6th-13th.
  2. For your own sake, PLEASE do not attempt to view the posts linked up while in a quiet, public place. People will wonder why the crazy person laughing hysterically just fell off their chair.
  3. I’m not sure what people will come up with, but have fun with it!  I intend on enjoying with a glass of wine. ;-)

To all the people who make our lives all the more special and full of love.

Happy {early} Valentine’s Day!


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  1. ba ha ha! i LOVE yours! i didn’t do one but can’t wait to read them all!

  2. Hee hee hee! I love it! So, funny you used that line!!!! We must have the best husbands in the world! Just love it! I can’t wait until after the kids go to bed. Dave and I are going to go through the link party and hopefully fall out of our seats laughing! xo Kristin

  3. What a great idea! I’m pretty sure I’m in. Good one with your husband Anneke! Can’t wait to go through all the links to get some big belly laughs! Love this!

  4. HAH! Too cute! Looks like you’ve got a very handy Mr! :)

    • Hi Beth! Yes, I feel pretty fortunate that Michael knows quite a lot about building things, fixing things, etc. He’s even a trained metal worker!

  5. Oh what a great catch he is!! I was rolling last night at Kristin’s foot-rubbing one too. Thanks for the huge laugh this morning! :) Cheers to our poor, tolerant, sweet men!

    • Thank so much for co-hosting this Kelly! It’s been SO fun to read through everyone’s links!!! Michael didn’t know why in the world I was taking his picture (poor guy!) and just totally went along with it all, so tolerant, YES! I was so nervous the whole next day wondering when he’d finally see it. He said, “Well, I’m glad you ladies are having fun.” So there is the sweet part coming out. Yup….he’s pretty awesome!

  6. Love it….. especially the SuperStud part. TOO FUNNY, what a great sport.


  7. Too funny. I love these… and your man is cute! Atta girl!

  8. Hahahah! I love it! My husband tells me I have an instagram problem. Every time I take a picture of him, his instant reply is, “Don’t instagram that.” :-)

    • Oh my goodness Rachel that is HILARIOUS! Hahaha ~ I can totally see it! I thought that many gals would relate with the IG thing. Lol! :-)

  9. Awesome! I love it, and again, Ryan who? Who needs him with the men we all have? lol
    This is the best party I’ve ever joined, and I’m having a blast reading all the links!
    Debbie :)

  10. OMG- IG…get out with the IG “hey girl” I LOVE it! haha! Totally cracking up– thankfully in my home and not at a Starbucks! lol Great post up there girl!

    • Hahaha! Thanks Jen!!! It’s been so fun reading through everyone’s links, and I’m glad I skipped out on the glass of wine. That would have been pointless. Lol! ;-)

  11. ha ha! this is why i always do insta-selfies…. my husband totally laughs at me! ;)

  12. What blogger’s husband doesn’t love Instagram??? Too funny. Thanks for joining in on this hilarious non-sense!

    • Thanks Michelle! The funny thing is I’ve only been on Instagram for a couple months. Thankfully my hubby “gets” it! :-)

  13. These are very cute!

    Linking from Bliss Ranch,
    Ricki Jill

  14. This is adorable. Nicely done. Gotta give ‘em credit for all they put up with!

  15. LOL!!! Too funny! But keep the Ryan Gosling pics coming though! heehehehe

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