Thrive In Five ~ 2013

Over the holidays, I took a bit of time to reevaluate life in general. My family, our habits, our goals, frustrations, passions, and so on. It’s always a great time to stop and think about how to be intentional about life, not just on auto-pilot or letting things be a distraction ~ even good things! This list is kind of like a Word of the Year post….which for me, boils down to the word:


It really is so easy to get sidetracked in life and misprioritize what truly matters to us. Many times we can end up being pulled in SO many directions that everything we love and do has half of our heart and we don’t take the opportunity to really focus and thrive in those areas. A person cannot thrive and be their best in 10-20 things, right?

So, I needed to ask myself some tough questions:

  • What have I been saying for years that matters? Does my life reflect that?
  • What areas do I say really matter to me but I’m letting myself be distracted by lesser things?
  • Where do I want to be at the end of next year?
  • What is this going to look like? The how of it all, ya know?
After answering these questions, I was able to narrow it down to FIVE CORE AREAS that I want to be the nucleus of my life and thrive in.  Now before I briefly delve into these, I want to say that I truly believe that great things can result from focusing on what is most important in your life {i.e. putting first things first}. But even if they don’t, you can sleep knowing you have your priorities in line. It’s a horrible feeling for me to think that I could put hours and hours, days, even years into something that literally results in nothing, while I put my true priorities aside. OK – moving on! :-)
My faith is not just a Sunday duty or religious act. It holds my entire worldview.
It’s only fitting that I continue to incorporate ways to learn, grow, help others, etc.
in regards to what I believe.

With an amazing husband and 3 younger kiddos to raise, this mama is determined to focus on my family in a more intentional away.

For me, this means:

  • Taking care of our home
  •  Incorporating routines that help us to function better as a family
  • Putting the electronics away and setting boundaries
  • Continuing date nights with my husband
  • My youngest will be entering pre-k next year and I’m pretty convicted to be devoting time with him at home for the next 6 months doing some majorly fun preschool stuff. I already have everything I need since I did homeschool preschool with our girls. So really, there is no excuse. I would have major regret if I let that time slip by without intentional action
  • Making more time for one-on-one moments with each of our kids
  • Thinking outside of the box on ways to have fun as a family
  • And more…..

Well, it’s no secret. We McConnell’s like people. A LOT.  We LOVE a get together with our friends ~ one-on-one time, girl’s nights, dinners with families, etc.!  The more I am online chatting away or getting caught up in diy or design, the easier it is to lose time that we would have for “real life” moments.  I love the time I have with my friends and I can’t let that slip away because I’m putting pine boards before them.

Oh my word! If you’ve been following along on Twitter and Instagram, I’ve been sharing quite a bit about fitness. For one, it’s that time of year when many people are motivated with fitness goals. And two, I’m participating in the #LoveYourBody challenge on Tone It Up. I stumbled upon them over the break and seriously, I love these ladies! The entire community is just amazing. Check it out if you’re looking for some motivation and easy to incorporate fitness routines. After one week, it’s definitely not too late to join the challenge. :-)

So, as for being a core value, I decided it’s high time I take care of the little extra, ahem….yeah. You know??? I consider myself to have pretty good habits and am able to maintain weight just fine, but change is a comin’! I can do better and I know it.

I’m pretty passionate about fitness because it does not matter what you do in life ~ when you are taking care of your body and health, you will be better at EVERYTHING in your life. As a wife, mom, employee, friend….seriously. Give it 4 weeks, like really give it your all, and you will see a change in all areas of your life. This has been hard for me even in the last week! Lol! With limited time, I’ve wanted to work on projects, but chosen fitness instead. We’ll all have a life of projects, Amen? ;-)

I really love food…literally as much as every value above. My “journey” with food really began about 7 years ago after my first daughter was born. I’ve began a sporadic series of sorts with this post here to help you understand where I’m coming from. That’s when I was forced to really *think* about what I was putting into my body, how it makes me feel, etc.

Like anyone else, I still have cravings for some things every now and then {holy cow, like Dr. Pepper! Haven’t had pop/soda in months though!}, but the more I learn and make changes or add recipes/ingredients, the easier it gets. I’m pretty much an organic, non-gmo, whole foods ambassador of sorts.   Is that all we buy? No. But we’re making our way one step at a time.


So those core areas are my THRIVE IN FIVE for 2013 and beyond!

They can really be summed up into 3 categories:




In the end, I know that putting these things first will make me a better blogger. By focusing on these five areas, I’m hoping that I’ll be sharing better quality posts with you and not just a bunch of fluff. I’ve had priorities out of whack before and done the whole blogger by night thing, and it is exhausting. If that is you {like every night}, stop. Get your sleep. Now. Then thank me later when you can think straight. And I’m saying that out of love, k? ;-)

Just for the record on BLOG GOALS: I want to wrap things up in our home {since every room feels half done} and share more interior design content, room makeovers, etc. this year. That’s just one of many….Hey, hey! Who’s going to the Haven Conference this year?!

So what are your goals for the year? Home goals, health goals, little goals, big goals ~ I wanna hear them.

Do you have a word of the year? How do you prioritize?


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  1. Anneke, Thrive is a wonderful word. I love how you discussed each part of your life and what you’d like to focus more on this year. Family, Faith and Health are all so important. I also need to focus a bit more on the health and fitness. It always seems that is last on my list AFTER kids, hubby, blog, custom painting etc. Thank you also for sharing your own personal health story. Just read about it. Oh, also so excited to see you at Haven!!!! We’re going to have a blast. x

    • I’m SO excited for Haven ~ I’m just praying in all works out with airfare and the room! Any yes, it is so hard to stay on top of health matters. I’m so sore right now. Lol!

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