Silver + Gold Simplicity

It’s been quite awhile since we ventured out and bought a real tree for Christmas, so this year I was pretty excited to head to our local Fred Meyer and snag a beautiful Noble Fir for $30. Compared to the $20 fake tree we’ve been using since the kids were born (now their tree!) ;-) I’d say that’s not too bad! The next step will be keeping my eye out for clearance sales on a nice pre-lit fake tree. Which do you prefer, real or fake?


Anyhow, I was able to find a 70 ornament kit from TJMaxx for $25 as well as packs of these beautiful faux crystal drop ornaments. I love, love, LOVE them! I was joking with the kids like I could wear them for earrings. Lol (A bit much, I know.) :-) Other than that, I just wrapped the tree with some pretty scrolly gold and sheer ribbon from Fred Meyer and covered the base with some muslin fabric. One of these days I’ll either buy or make a real tree skirt. ;-)


(Psss….you’re also getting a glimpse of one of the steal of a cybermonday deals I got from!)



We still need to cut the top so the star isn’t sticking up so high. :-)






 I love it SO much I told my hubby I wasn’t going to do any other decorating for Christmas.

His mouth about hit the floor, and shortly after he picked it up I think he pledged in his mind to get a real tree every year from here on out. Haha!

Here’s the kid’s tree ~ their first ever! Like the Pom-pom touch??? Lol – They actually weren’t too excited about the whole thing until the ball got rolling. Now they love that they just got to do “whatever” and even hang candy canes on it! Yes…there are a few missing.

I put my favorite ornament toward the top of their tree. It’s John 3:16 and the rest

of the verse finishes on the back.

“For God loved the world so much that he gave his one and only Son,

so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life.”

As for our mantle, I was hoping to get a large mirror and wreath, candles, etc., but at this point I’ve kept it to our simple nativity scene. It will most likely stay this way with the busy season, but that’s okay with me. I need to paint some furniture I think! ;-)



I wish I had something a bit “more” for Danielle’s Mantle Party today,

but it’s a simple reminder to me in regards to my faith that Christ is all I need.

I hope you are having fun with decorating and family/friend fun this year.

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  1. I love those crystal drops of yours – I have waaaay too many glass icicle ornaments anymore. We do a fake, pre-lit tree, since we are all wildly allergic to pine. Of course, we did not figure that out until a few years ago when we last had a live tree, and the (then) 4 of us spent the entire month sniffling, sneezing and coughing!

    Next year I inherit a lovely 9-foot pre-lit tree. The boys will be getting the 6-foot one we are currently using, so each of their rooms will have a tree next year. Well, neither room has one at the moment! The small tree has a missing leg, and it’s just way too fat for their room anyway. Gotta pot the top section and it will be perfect!

    • Oh no! I’ve heard of people having allergies to different trees. Yay for pre-lit fake ones that look like the real deal! And a 9-footer even ~ that will be fun!

  2. So pretty, Anneke! I love the oraments! They look like jewelry! xo Kristin

  3. Lovely, Anneke! I love your grown up tree and love, love, love the kids tree!!!! Thanks for linking up!

    • Thank you Danielle! It’s kind of ridiculous how excited I am about this tree, but hey…I’ve been waiting patiently for like, what??? – 7 years oh so. Lol! I’m glad the kids had a lot of fun with theirs too. :-)

  4. Love the simple colors you’ve used! Just found your site through the link party and signed up to follow you through my Blogger feed. Was in your neck of the woods this past August for the first time. Absolutely gorgeous.

    Really enjoyed reading your “about” page…I stumbled into the blog world in the much the same way as you when I realized I didn’t have to be afraid of power tools and could make many of the things I saw and loved myself. So empowering, isn’t it?

    • Wow, thanks for stopping by Jennifer! I find it so interesting to learn about how people learn about blogs. I so much LOVE how my view has changed, and YES, it is empowering! I’m glad to hear you were in the area – it truly is beautiful. :-)

  5. So elegant Anneke! Love the fresh tree too. The kids tree is so cute, great idea for them!

  6. Hey lady! Love this tree and the kids tree is too cute. That poof on the top is so cute and creative! Love it! Thanks for coming over and linking up and so fun doing this with you and the girls!

  7. I love your silver and gold, and that little simple nativity thing is the sweetest thing ever. Beautiful post!

    • Thanks Kelly! We’re keeping things pretty simple this year and it’s stressful enough. :-) Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  8. Ah- your tree and living room is so pretty! Merry Christmas!

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