DIY Christmas Card Holder Tutorial

Well, I finally got my craft on ~ at least MY version of it. I am admittedly not much of a “crafter”, but I think this counts. ;-) Now, this isn’t a full blown tutorial, but if you have some basic wood working skills and a few tools, you could make this too! Here is what you’ll need to make a board like mine, which is 16″ wide by 25″ high. If you are looking for a different size, adjust the measurements accordingly.

I am also sorry to be apologizing for the unedited photos, but I am figuring out a few new things at the moment and actually still need some sleep! ;-)  So, without further ado:



(1) 1 x 6 wood board, cut to 16″

(1) 1 x 4 wood board, cut to 16″

(2) 1 x 4   wood boards cut to 20″

Chicken Wire


Stapler or Staple Gun

5/8″ staples for pneumatic staple guns

Paint (optional)

Kreg Jig

Eye and Hearing Protection

Greens, Ribbon, Muslin, etc.



We want to end up with something like this!




1. Cut your boards, sand and stain (or paint).




2. Use a Kreg Jig (I have the mini) to secure the boards together on the back.


 It will look like this on the back… (like the artwork?) :-)


….and this on the front.

 This is about when I think, “Now why don’t I make my own frames???” ;-)

Ok, so the next step is the chicken wire and fabric.

3. Cut the chicken wire to size and spray it whatever color you’d like. I used Rustoleum black spray paint. Then staple it to your frame.

4. Next, take your fabric, cut it to size and staple it to your frame. I happen to use some Ron-Loc Musline {my fave!} and thought it needed a little something extra. So I used some frog tape to make stripes and sprayed it with my Rustoleum Black Spray paint. But you could do anything ~ the options are ENDLESS! :-D

5. I thought I should add a bit of Christmasy green somehow, so I gathered some branches together and secured them with some tape.

6. Then I took a pice of muslin and wrapped it around the middle, followed by some twin and ribbon.

 7. I thought this velcro (that I already had) would help me secure my decoration to the top of the board, but it only lasted for a couple pictures worth.

In the end, I just did ended up securing it to our ladder decor.

So there you have it! You could even use it after the Christmas season for jewelry or whatnot.

Here are a couple more photos with my new little nephew Blake. :-)

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  1. Anneke, a wonderful tutorial you have here & nothing to apologize for. You reminded me that I need a Kreg jig. Must put on my Santa list. I can see this being used for many things even after the holidays. Great job & get some sleep now dear!

  2. Hi, Anneke! I like that this serves a purpose even after the holidays! Super cute! xo Kristin

  3. So pretty, Anneke!

  4. This is very clever and I love the black and creme stripes! Found you at Centsational Girl’s holiday party. Have a great weekend!

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