seeing the potential in a craigslist find

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Ok… of me, I’ve tried edited and resizing these photos, and finally decided, seriously, YOU ARE SMART! You get it. So to save myself from throwing my degrading laptop out the window, let me show you how I transformed this recent craigslist find – unedited. Ya with me???


See!!  Pretty, huh? :-)


Just awesome.

When I saw it, I thought, “Hey, maybe I can make THAT look like THIS!!!”

Hello shoe storage and back to school!!!

When I saw that ugly ol’ thing on craigslist, I saw the potential solution to a BIG problem around our house lately – shoe storage. Shoes have been haphazardly kept in some toy storage thing in our garage. They end up mismatched, in the house, the backyard, I’m pulling my hair out because of all the shoes puked over everywhere!

Not to mention ALL the TIME WASTED trying to find a match. Let me remind you – I have three kiddos ages 3, 5, and 7. For real. Finding this saved me the reality of building something. It ‘s been on the agenda.

So let me take you through what I did:

I inserted 1 x 12 boards into the two storage containers.

Each kiddo would end up with their own special space.

Remember those ugly ends up above? I covered them up with some 1/4″ plywood.



Then added pretty corner caps and tiny trim pieces to add a finished look and fill some gaps.




Then I added some base moulding and plank boards along the top.

Well….actually I didn’t add the planks on top until the base was finished.

I had added wood filler and then caulked every crack and seam.

This makes such a huge difference in a seamless look!!!

Then it got primed with Kilz Spray Primer and Rustoleum Gloss White Spray Paint.



Here is the top with my natural gray weathering stain (vinegar/steel wool)


 But I had this issue with needing a gap in the back to open the top.


We had some quarter round sitting around and it fit perfect!

It went along the back and under the lid on the front.

Along with my new Varathane Kona stain. Love that stuff!









This was our official laundry room, but since we have a laundry closet upstairs in our home – you know, where all the clothes, towels, bedding, etc. is? I thought this space would work perfectly as a mudroom/landing zone since it is right off of the garage. There are no windows taking pictures was challenging.

Here was my special photo op “chair”. Lol

And looking back. We’re working on a good solution to hang up hooks for backpacks.

The piece ended up being about 70″ long!



 Here was my photo shoot pal.  Angh… :-)



This definitely isn’t the quality of something I would sell and definitely a hack job, but it serves it’s organizational purpose and I couldn’t be happier!  And all for under $100. Score!




What about you? Have you transformed a Craigslist/Thrifty find lately?

Tell us about it below! :-)

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  1. I think it looks great! Way to be resourceful! What was that about the steel wool and vinegar? Have you done a previous post on that? Inquiring minds want to know! =o)

  2. i adore your “hack job”!! I think it looks great!! Thanks for sharing!! ~ Lori

  3. That looks fantastic! Way to go for having a vision with something that would other wise be trash :)

  4. It looks great …I have three kiddos too and NEED one of those yesterday …
    Thanks for sharing …xo

  5. Looks great! So, wait, you have a second laundry room where your actual washer and dryer is?

    • Haha! Actually, this is my laundry ROOM, right off of the garage and kitchen. It has a shower, sink, and toilet. BUT we have a laundry space on our upper floor too that can fit just a washer and dryer set, with some cabinets. It’s a closet with doors that open like French doors. I’d just rather have the set up there where all of the clothes, bedding, towels, etc. are, ya know?

      Now I feel like we have a bit of a mudroom. ;-)


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