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 One of my goals before the end of summer…well….before the kiddos go back to school, is to organize, beautify, and maximally functionalize (I think that’s a word?) our home office. I’ve finally spent a good amount of time figuring out how to put all of these elements together and so far have something like this is mind.

(be nice…I’m not a trained expert on concept boards!) ;-)


TTL Office


Definitely colorful and fun, relaxing, functional, etc. This is not an exact representation since it will also be the music room and I will either find a desk to modify or build something where I can have a sliding tray for my large keyboard…then to make reasonable space for the soundboard (small) and my microphone and speaker. Obviously those aren’t in this design board, but they’re a part of the whole concept.


The large space between the curtains is a window…it’s one of the best views in the house looking out at the Puget Sound. This room is small, but it has 9 ft. ceilings so it doesn’t feel it.  :-)


I was hoping to have this all put together in real life in the next week or two, but as soon as I finished, I realized that the fabric I chose for the curtains is on backorder until September 15th.  This fabric was actually the entire jumping off point for the room design! Thanks to my facebook fans for their input of the fabrics I put on there!!! I’ll still be working on this project and move on to something else until the fabric becomes available.


What are your favorite ways to add style to your office space (big or small) while maintaining function?





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