Antique Dresser Before and After

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I love before and afters. Really…who doesn’t? I picked up this beautiful antique dresser not too far from our home and uploaded it to Facebook with instant interest! You all make what I do so fun. :-D I hate to break it to you, but she’s already sold. I almost kept this one myself, but I know it’s going to a great home ~ this is the gal who e.mailed me and said, “Get your Farm Chick’s Show advance tickets now! They’ll be sold out by the end of the day!!!” No joke….they were sold out by 3:00!!! So thank you my dear! :-)



I sanded the drawers down and did a ‘wash’ over the wood (with ASCP French Linen) so you could still see the beautiful grain. I had a pretty difficult time with the top on this one. I really wanted to sand it down and finish it like the drawers, but it started doing this:


So I decided to paint the entire piece with French Linen ASCP, but then I

ran out of paint :’-(  and it looked too streaky on the top.

So I waxed it with the clear wax, then the dark wax.

I didn’t really like that either. Bummer….

SOOOO…then I stained the top with my new Varathane Kona stain…

Here we are in process.

I let it sit about a minute or two, then wiped it off with a washcloth and buffed it out.

You should do this lengthwise in the direction of the natural grain of the wood.

And here was the end result.

Anyone knows we don’t always get what we want, but we can end

up with some happy surprises in the end.

I would have still preferred my first idea, but I’m still pretty happy with this.

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THANKS!!!  :-)

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  1. Love it! Some pieces just stubbornly insist on having exactly the opposite of what we wish for them. And they usually have it right. Nice work.

  2. I know exactly how that is but this piece turned out BEAUTIFULLY! Julie’s right…sometimes, you just need to allow the piece to be what it “wants” to be! It’s lovely.

  3. oooh i love this! the finish is dreamy!

  4. I love it—absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  5. I just LOVE the look! Very pretty and feminine, great job!

  6. I just love this piece so, so much. You did so well! This could sell for thousands! It looks creamy and timeless.

  7. I’m so excited to have this amazing piece in my master bedroom! You worked hard on it and I thank you so much! Can’t wait to bring her home! See ya soon! :-)
    Thanks Anneke! xoxo-Jenn

  8. I REALLY like how this turned out!!!!

  9. I love this dresser and how it turned out is fabulous!!! Love Love!!

  10. I know you went through a lot of work on this one, but I have to say, the end result is FABULOUS!!! I just love the combination of the wash with the solid and the stained top ~ absolutely gorgeous! I really love the softness of your wash. Have a great weekend, Shelly

  11. WOW. that is stunning!

  12. Gorgeous!

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